Aziz Ansari and Jimmy fallon are reading some texts from users. Just see the people’s reaction to a paragraph of text here:

I mean come on, its like 3 sentences there and you can hear the eye rolls in their reactions. What have we come to ? It’s not only this instance of course, everywhere on the internet people freak out when they see 1-2 paragraph of text. How do you expect from those people – who freak out on the sight of 2 paragraphs of text – to read a whole book ? It’s all pictures, abbreviations and emojis these days, especially teenagers dumb AF.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for abbreviations, shortcuts, time savers and everything but there are some things you can not afford to butcher. Reading in general, is one of them. watching the movie is nothing like reading the book. Yea you get the gist of it, but the details you get from reading, and the perfect mixture of what the author describes to you and what you picture in your head will never be close to what any screen may offer.

Please people, dont be an asshole. Stop acting like you got a love letter when someone explains something to you something other then emojis. Stop replying as “K”. Man the fuck up, read.